Personal Insurance Solutions

Protecting your earnings as an individual has never been more important considering the risks we are constantly exposed to in today’s world. There are policies that deliver comprehensive solutions by developing traditional solutions into well-curated products, uniquely suiting your lifestyle.

Car Insurance

This is just a form of arrangement between an insured (who is the owner of the vehicle) and an insurance provider promising to pay the insured in the event of any damage caused by driving the vehicle.

Individual Life Insurance

This is a type of life insurance that covers a single person. This is unlike its Group Life variant that covers a group of people. Again, this insurance policy is commonly employed by organizations.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers the possibilities of loss incurred during international or local travel. This policy, like a number of others, offers different plans with different benefits. Basic policies for instance, only cover emergency medical expenses

Home Insurance

Home Insurance is Property-Insurance-personalised. It covers the Insurance that a company would seek, except that it now applies to homeowners. Home Insurance covers loses and damage to an owner’s residence.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is simply a kind of insurance coverage that covers part or whole of medical expenses incurred by the insured. Health Insurance covers an array of things including exclusive drugs, hospital stays, scans, surgical procedures and the like.