Cassava Smartech – Everything you need to know

Learn about Cassava Smartech and everything you need to know.

Technology makes it possible for you to access quality services through your smartphone. Basically, it makes these services easy, convenient, and simple for you to access.

Cassava Smartech is an organization that offers a variety of digital services to improve the quality of life for all Africans. Below, you will find everything you need to know about the company and the services it offers.

An Overview of Cassava Smartech

Cassava Smartech is a variety of smartech groups with a directive to utilize digital solutions to direct socio-economic development. Basically, they aim to improve the quality of life for every African by providing a stable social and financial service via technology.

The privately-held fintech company was founded in 2018 and has since then spread rapidly across Africa. They are reputable for providing education, healthcare, insurance, finance, e-commerce as well as social payment service for Africans. These various areas make up the unique and balanced portfolio of the smartech company.

What services does Cassava Smartech offer?

Basically, Cassava Smartech provides a variety of digital solutions for you and the whole of Africa at large. These solutions include:

1. Fintech Services

The platform allows offers you a variety of fintech services. They include:

a. Mobile Money:

Mobile Money gives you access to multi-mobile financial services, which are suitable for your needs. These services include micro-savings, micro-loans, international remittances, mobile business wallets, as well as merchant payment solutions.

b. Digital Banking

The digital banking solution allows you to gain the full banking experience through your smartphone. Basically, they achieve this by collaborating with traditional banks to digitalize physical banking services.

c. Payment Services

The fintech company offers payments solutions for merchants and retail sector players operating businesses in Africa.

d.   International Remittances

This solution is mainly for Africans abroad to send money back home. Furthermore, cassava operates a remittance business that helps to channel millions of dollars to Africa through international transfer.

2. Social Payments

Social payments are a method of making funds transfers through large social networks. Cassava has leveraged this method to help you transfer funds conveniently. The company achieves this by developing a social payment platform that combines both mobile money payments and social chat in a single app. Basically, the app allows you to chat, transfer funds and pay for anything with ease.

3. Insurtech

The digital platform offers you a variety of flexible and suitable micro-insurance solutions. In simpler terms, this means that you get insures for costs. Examples include funeral insurance, Auto insurance , Health insurance as well as educational insurance.

4. E-Commerce

The Cassava E-commerce platform is a place where online buyers and sellers meet and trade. Basically, this solution is divided into the online marketplace, E-Store and Online Classifieds. Each of these sub-divisions aims to provide you with a secure and safe digital transaction environment.

5. Edutech

The company also offers you an E-learning platform that provides quality education and all-around skills development. Essentially, the Edutech platform provides you with quality digital learning, online books, and skill development.

6. Healthtech

Basically, healthtech is the combination of health and technology. With the cassava platform, you can access your basic health and well-being tools digitally. These tools include an online symptom checker, Dail-A-Doc, Tele-Monitoring, and basic health tips to improve your wellbeing.

7. Agritech

As its name implies, the Agritech solution is a combination of Agriculture and technology. If you are a small-scale farmer, you can gain access to a variety of farming opportunities through your smartphone. Also, the Agric platform acts as a trading platform and provides you with on-demand logistics.

These 7 features are the digital pillars that make the Cassava platform unique. You can access all these features through just your smartphone.

Cassava Smartech insurance

With cassava Smarttech insurance, you can access a wide array of their services to protect your asset. This is one of their most prominent services, covering customers on an individual and business level. Basically, from funeral to auto, education, health, and more, their insurance services are one of the most patronized by businesses and individuals all across Africa.

How can I ask for a consultation on Cassava Smartech?

To ask for a consultation from the platform, follow the steps below:

1. First, visit their official website, www.cassavasmsrtech.com

2. Also, input your name, email address, phone number, and the reason for your consultation

Lastly, click on the ‘ASK FOR CONSULTATION’ toolbar. The company will contact you within a short time.

Does Cassava Smart tech have an app?

Basically, the platform provides you with a variety of apps that gives you access to each of their services. For more information, visit their website, www.cassavasmartech.com

How can invest in Casssava Smartech?

To become an investor on the Cassava platform, follow the steps below:

1. Visit their website, www.cassavasmartech.com

2. Lastly, click on the ‘Investor Relations’ toolbar’

Also, ensure you read about their shares and investment history before investing. In addition, you can sign up for alerts of important investment updates.

How can I contact Cassava Smartech?

You can contact Cassava Smartech through the following ways:

Address: 1, Armagh Ave, Harare, Zimbabwe

Phone Number: +263 4 782 869

Website: www.cassavasmartech.com

Closing Thoughts

Lastly, Cassava Smartech is a company that aims to give Africans a better life using a variety of digital services. They make life easy by digitalizing the services you need in your everyday life. Also, they offer investors a chance to invest in their platform and become a shareholder. In all, the platform is helpful because it provides solutions to your everyday needs.

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